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Histamine release by modified gelatin (Haemaccel) and dextran (Macrodex) has been demonstrated in volunteers by direct and indirect methods. In a pilot study of Haemaccel, histamine release was observed in six of seven volunteers. The highest plasma histamine concentration was 4.8 ng/ml, the lowest 1.7 ng/ml: two of the subjects showed slight allergic(More)
We studied left ventricular perfusion and motility in 37 patients with coronary artery disease and disturbances of parietal motility, aged 57 +/- 9 years old, before and after revascularization. Perfusion was assessed with dipyridamole-tc99m MIBI SPECT and motility was assessed with two dimensional echocardiography with amrinone. Myocardial segments were(More)
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