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In a fluid out of equilibrium, the fluctuation-dissipation theorem (FDT) is usually violated. Using molecular dynamics simulations, we study in detail the relationship between correlation and response functions in a fluid driven into a stationary nonequilibrium state. Both the high temperature fluid state and the low temperature glassy state are(More)
We analyze in detail the atomistic response of a model amorphous material submitted to plastic shear in the athermal, quasi-static limit. After a linear stress-strain behavior, the system undergoes a noisy plastic flow. We show that the plastic flow is spatially heterogeneous. Two kinds of plastic events occur in the system: quadrupolar localized(More)
We consider the nucleation process associated with capillary condensation of a vapor in a hydrophobic cylindrical pore (capillary evaporation). The liquid-vapor transition is described within the framework of a simple lattice model. The phase properties are characterized both at the mean-field level and with Monte Carlo simulations. The nucleation process(More)
We present a numerical study of the mechanical response of a 2D Lennard-Jones amorphous solid under steady quasi-static and athermal shear. We focus here on the evolution of local stress components. While the local stress is usually taken as an order parameter in the description of the rheological behaviour of complex fluids, and for plasticity in glasses,(More)
Correlations in the motion of reptating polymers in a melt are investigated by means of Monte Carlo simulations of the three-dimensional slithering-snake version of the bond-fluctuation model. Surprisingly, the slithering-snake dynamics becomes inconsistent with classical reptation predictions at high chain overlap (created either by chain length N or by(More)
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