J L Baglinière

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A von Bertalanffy growth model for young-of the-year Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in a small French coastal stream was fitted using water temperatures and densities of juvenile salmonids (S. salar and brown trout Salmo trutta) as covariates influencing daily growth rate. The Bayesian framework was used as a template to integrate prior information from(More)
To assess the correlation between four visual morphological types based on body colour and shape (fario trout, FT; shiny fario, SFT; presmolt trout, PST; typical smolt ST) of juvenile brown trout Salmo trutta during downstream spring migration and the biological form at the adult stage (river or sea), mark-recapture experiments were carried out over a(More)
This study provides new data on Atlantic salmon Salmo salar life-history traits across France. Using a long-term recreational angling database (1987-2013) covering 34 rivers in three regions (genetic units), a decline in individual length, mass and a delayed adult return to French rivers was reported. Temporal similarities in trait variations between(More)
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