J López-Libano

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Results a 20 year old woman with no history of relevance, came to the emergency room with fever of 1 month duration and abdominal pain that persists after analgesic treatment. On arrival had malaise, hypotensive, febrile, tachycardic to 110 sqm, oriented in all three spheres, with no cardiorespiratory examination findings. Nontender abdomen, without(More)
Results On arrival had malaise, was hypotensive, febrile, tachycardic and universal jaundice. The analyzes highlighted a bilirubin of 9.52 at the expense of direct fraction (8.60 mg / dl), and 22.500 leukocytes with neutrophilia. She underwent a bedside abdominal ultrasound where we found a central hyperechoic endoprosthetic image with acoustic shadowing,(More)
Background in Spain the skills of professionals of Emergency departament (ED) in the process of echocardiography have been discussed for decades. The current scientific evidence supports the use of echocardiography by the Emergency physicians (EP) in a resounding manner, due to its speed, agility and safety for the patient, by providing an early diagnosis(More)
Background In Spain, the skills of Emergency Physicians (EP) in the process of echocardiography have been discussed for more than three decades. The current scientific evidence supports strongly the use of echocardiography by the EP, for its speed, agility and safety for the patient providing an early diagnosis of serious or potentially serious diseases. In(More)
Results 82 year old woman, active and independent, who came to the ER with abdominal pain from 12 hours, which started about 2 hours after dinner. The patient presented malaise, affected by pain, hypotensive and tachycardic. Given the general malaise the patient underwent an abdominal ultrasound scan at the bedside of the patient showed many small echogenic(More)
Results We report the case of a 72 year old patient with prior stroke without sequelae and hypertensive, with abdominal pain of 7 days duration, high fever and bilious vomiting. Physical examination was marked hypotension (80/45 mmHg), distal coldness, pallor and sweating, 38.5 ° C, 145 spm. The distended abdomen with abolished peristalsis and positive(More)
Background The cardiopulmonary arrest (CA) is a critical situation, where ultrasound is the only diagnostic mode with the possibility of direct action during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CR) in real time, without interfering with the resuscitation maneuvers. Through a structured process with a focused ultrasound (US) examination procedure conforming to(More)
Results 81 year old woman, was admitted to the emergency room after several consultations at its health center by right upper quadrant pain of several weeks duration, accompanied by fatigue, weight loss and a feeling of abdominal distention. On examination he had preserved the vital signs and had only found tenderness in the right upper quadrant, without(More)