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The effects of DOCA-salt hypertensive treatment on hepatic glutathione-dependent defense system, antioxidant enzymes, lipid peroxidation, mixed function oxidase and UDP-glucuronyl transferase activities were investigated in male Sprague Dawley rats. Compared with controls, DOCA-salt hypertensive rats had lower body weights (linked to liver hypertrophy).(More)
It has been proposed that the distribution of efferents developed by neocortical neurons depends upon where in the neocortex the cells develop, not where they were generated. However, the capacity of diverse isocortical areas to differentiate connectional characteristics belonging to other isocortical areas has recently been questioned in several(More)
We examined (i) the capacity of transplants of embryonic neocortex to restore corticofugal systems disrupted following neonatal damage to the occipital cortex and (ii) the influence of the embryonic origin of the transplanted neurons on the reconstruction of the corticofugal circuitry. Transplants of embryonic occipital or frontal cortex were grafted homo-(More)
Previous work found that transplants of embryonic (E) day 16 occipital cortex placed into the frontal cortex of newborn hosts failed to receive input from visual-related nuclei of the host thalamus. The present study is aimed at determining the possible causes of the lack of visual-related thalamic input to these transplants. For that purpose, a retrograde(More)
The mechanisms underlying the differentiation of neocortical areas are still largely unknown. The development of neural connectivity constitutes one important step in neocortical differentiation. One way to study the mechanisms guiding this developmental stage is to examine the connections established by transplants of neocortical tissue of varying(More)
Physiologically responsive grafts of embryonic (E16) occipital neurons placed into the visual cortex of adult rats were shown previously (Gaillard et al., 1998, Restor. Neurol. Neurosci. 12: 13-25) to receive a predominant (93-97%) cortical input from the infragranular layers V-VI. The present paper examines whether this specific pattern of connections is(More)
We have examined the degree of precision in the topographic arrangement of the tectal projection developed by homotopic transplants of embryonic occipital cortex and tried to determine whether the development of the corticotectal projection is exclusively dependent on environmental cues or is also controlled by intrinsic factors. Transplants of embryonic(More)
Several recent experiments using neocortical transplantation paradigms indicated that embryonic neurons grafted in a heterotopic locus retain development characteristics corresponding to their site of origin. In the present study, limited portions of lateral (lateral-to-lateral) or medial (medial-to-lateral) sectors of embryonic (E16) frontal cortex were(More)
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