J. Kyle

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IGF-II is the predominant IGF ligand regulating prenatal growth in all vertebrates, including humans, but its central role in placental development has confounded efforts to fully elucidate its functions within the embryo. Here we use a nonplacental model vertebrate (zebrafish) to interrogate the intraembryonic functions of IGF-II signaling. The zebrafish(More)
A technique to numerically obtain the static equilibrium state of a conventional dragline excavation system is reported, including static pose of the bucket as well as internal loads acting on elements of the excavation system. Equilibrium conditions are generated by numerically integrating the dynamic equations of motion with the hoist and drag rope(More)
The transport of [3H]2-deoxyglucose by brain slices was studied. Cerebral cortex slices were incubated in vitro in the presence of [3H]2-deoxyglucose, or L-[3H]glucose as a marker for diffusion. Transport was defined as the difference between [3H]2DG uptake and L-[3H]glucose uptake. Half-maximal velocity was seen at 2.0 mM 2DG and [3H]2DG transport was not(More)
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