J. Kuroś-Żołnierczuk

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St. Kistryn,1,∗ E. Stephan,2 A. Biegun,2 K. Bodek,1 A. Deltuva,3 E. Epelbaum,4 K. Ermisch,5 W. Glöckle,6 J. Golak,1 N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki,5 H. Kamada,7 M. Kiš,5 B. Kłos,2 A. Kozela,8 J. Kuroś-Żołnierczuk,1,† M. Mahjour-Shafiei,5,‡ U.-G. Meißner,9,10 A. Micherdzińska,2,§ A. Nogga,10 P. U. Sauer,11 R. Skibiński,1 R. Sworst,1 H. Witała,1 J. Zejma,1 and W.(More)
We have measured three axial polarization observables in d-->p--> breakup with a polarized 270 MeV deuteron beam on a polarized proton target. Axial observables are zero by parity conservation in elastic scattering but can be easily observed in the breakup channel at the present energy. Based on a symmetry argument, the sensitivity of these observables to(More)
A series of measurements have been performed at KVI to obtain the vector analyzing power A(y) of the (2)H(p-->,pd) reaction as a function of incident beam energy at energies of 120, 135, 150, and 170 MeV. For all these measurements, a range of theta(c.m.) from 30 degrees to 170 degrees has been covered. The purpose of these investigations is to observe(More)
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