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Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) is a heterogeneous immunodeficiency that is accompanied by granulomatous lesions in 5-10% of cases. Why some patients develop granulomatous disease remains unclear. Here we describe a 12-year-old previously healthy girl who presented with pancytopenia and granulomatous lymphoproliferation subsequent to infection with(More)
Results 228 patients were included since 2008, (SR: 1), from 22 centres of 13 countries, median age of 12.5y. Median age at first symptom was 7.2y. Family history of BD was present in 22% and consanguinity in 4.5%. Median disease duration at inclusion was 4.7y and from the first symptom to last visit was 7.5y. Inclusion criteria plus oral aphtosis(More)
The Eurofever Registry for autoinflammatory diseases: results of the first 15 months of enrolment N Toplak, J Frenkel, S Ozen, F De Benedetti, M Hofer, I Kone-Paut, H Girschick, B Neven, H Ozdogan, J Kummerle-Deschner, J Arostegui, A Simon, S Stojanov, R Vesely, C Wouters, V Hentgen, C Rose, P Dolezalova, H Lachmann, P Woo, I Touitou, A Martini, N Ruperto,(More)
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