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PURPOSE To examine vision as a predictor of mortality in older people and the role of mobility, depressed mood, chronic diseases, body mass index, physical activity and injurious accidents in this possible association. METHODS 223 persons aged 75 and 193 persons aged 80 years at the baseline participated in visual acuity measurements. Visual acuity (VA)(More)
PURPOSE To investigate whether self-assessed balance confidence and functional balance are associated with falls in older persons with hip fracture history. METHODS This study is a part of a larger study on functional capacity and exercise rehabilitation in hip fracture patients. Seventy-nine patients, operated at the local hospital for collum or(More)
BACKGROUND Mobility decline, the coexistence of several sensory difficulties and fear of falling (FOF) are all common concerns in older people; however, knowledge about the combined effect of FOF and coexisting sensory difficulties on mobility is lacking. METHODS Data on self-reported FOF, difficulties in hearing, vision, balance, and walking 2 km were(More)
BACKGROUND Stress has damaging effects on individual's health. However, information about the long-term consequences of mental stress is scarce. METHODS This 28-year prospective cohort study examined on the associations between midlife stress and old age disability among 2,994 Finnish municipal professionals aged 44-58 years at baseline. Self-reported(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Poor vision in older people is often related to increased fall risk. However, the association of the severity between visual deficit and risk for all kind of injurious accidents has not been widely studied. The aim of this study was to examine whether visual loss is associated with higher incidence of injurious accidents and whether(More)
BACKGROUND Physical activity may be beneficial for cognition, but the effect may vary depending on personal characteristics. METHODS We investigated the associations between leisure-time physical activity (LTPA) from mid- to late life, the risk of dementia, and the role of body mass index, sex, and APOE in the CAIDE study during 28-year follow-up.(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate in a sample of initially middle-aged municipal employees whether leisure time (LPA) or occupational physical activity (OPA) was associated with mobility limitation (ML) in old age. DESIGN Prospective population-based follow-up. SETTING Municipalities in Finland. PARTICIPANTS Public sector employees from the Finnish Longitudinal(More)
BACKGROUND Frailty is commonly considered as a syndrome with several symptoms, including weight loss, exhaustion, weakness, slow walking speed and physical inactivity. It has been suggested that cognitive impairment should be included in the frailty index, however the association between frailty and cognition has not yet been fully established. OBJECTIVE(More)
OBJECTIVES we studied visual acuity (VA) and co-existing hearing impairment and poor standing balance as predictors of falls. DESIGN prospective study with 1-year follow-up. SETTING research laboratory and residential environment. PARTICIPANTS 428 women aged 63-76 years from the Finnish Twin Study on Aging. MEASUREMENTS participants were followed up(More)
AIMS To investigate the modifying effect of sex on the association between frailty and all-cause mortality, and to determine the effects of changes in frailty status on mortality. METHODS This population-based study comprised 654 persons aged 76-100 years (mean age 82 ± 4.6 years). Frailty status was assessed at baseline in 2005, and reassessed in 2007(More)