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Psychovisual examination methods detect macular changes better and more subtly then hitherto commonly used examination methods, in particular in dynamic investigations. The authors used this method in a series of investigations of diabetes, glaucoma and haemodialysis. The group is formed by 19 eyes of 16 patients with a first attack of central serous(More)
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(CSC) has captured the attention of physicians for nearly 150 years. Psychic stress and behavioural traits were originally described as potential contributing factors in the development of this disorder by Horniker in 1927. Since that time, many others have attempted to better define this relation. Gelber and Schatz reported results of detailed psychiatric(More)
Results of pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) were compared in two groups of patients. The first group was formed from 105 eyes of 87 diabetics without clinical signs of the diabetic nephropathy or nephropathy without decrease of renal functions. The other group was formed from 64 eyes of 50 diabetics suffering from diabetic nephropathy in the stage of the renal(More)
In 1980-1988 at the Second Ophthalmological Clinic 78 enucleations of the bulbs with a orbital silicon implant were performed. The tolerance of the implant and the cosmetic result of the operation was evaluated in 53 adults and 5 children. The observation period varied between 6 months and 7 years. From the total number of 53 adults a very good cosmetic(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) photographs can predict future glaucoma visual field damage. METHODS In a prospective study 158 red free photographs of the RNFL were made from November 1994 to June 1995. 28 eyes of 19 patients with ocular hypertension (repeated intraocular pressure over 21 mmHg and normal visual(More)
In the retinal nerve fiber layer diffuse and localized defects can be seen in glaucoma. Photographs made with a green filter on black and white high contrast film allow to follow these alterations. This method will be used together with colour photographs for the statement of intra- and interobserver agreement.
In hereditary adenomatosis of the large bowel (familial polyposis) extraintestinal manifestations of the disease are common: hyperostosis, dental anomalies, soft tissue tumours, desmoid tumours etc. Patients with marked extracolic signs are described as patients with Gardner's syndrome. Recently a further sign is described--foci of congenital hypertrophy of(More)
The authors followed up a group of 20 patients with chronic uveitis (10 men and 10 women), mean age 36.5 years. Despite treatment of the foci, they suffered on average from seven relapses of the disease, frequently several times in the course of one year. From the anamnestic aspect there was a significantly high number of spells of tonsillitis, respiratory(More)
The authors examined 41 eyes of 22 compensated type I diabetics 1 - 2 years after laser photocoagulation, using an automatic static perimeter Peritest. One fifth of the investigated patients had marked changes - DR20. The patients are not aware of the diminution of the visual field. Even the most extensive diminution of the visual field in this group did(More)
In 14 patients (7 men and 7 women), mean age 48 and 50 years resp. with chronic renal failure, having regular dialyzation treatment for more than 10 years (2 patients more than 20 years) the authors made ophthalmological and psychophysiological examinations in order to assess complications after prolonged dialysis. In three patients dialysis was(More)