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PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The treatment of femoral neck fractures shows a relatively high number of poor outcomes, usually due to late complications, such as avascular necrosis of the femoral head or pseudoarthrosis. The latter may develop when the osteosynthesis of osteoporotic bone fails. The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate a group of patients(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY To evaluate mid-term results of conversion of arthrodesis to total hip replacement in terms of X-ray findings and benefits for the patient. MATERIAL Ten patients who had undergone hip joint arthrodesis were clinically examined and X-rayed and the findings evaluated. The most common indications for arthrodesis were posttraumatic(More)
Technological progress in the eighties achieved in the development and implementation of computer technology facilitates new approaches to information processing. Informatics becomes one of the key branches of economy of advanced countries. Under the conditions of the present growth of the volume of information also health care must change the classical(More)
Compartment syndrome represents the most serious complication in the treatment of the fractures of the shin. In the period 1979-1987 17 patients with variously developed form of the compartment syndrome were treated at the Orthopaedic clinic of the Institute for In-service Education of Physicians. 7 patients, i. e. 40 per cent were transported from other(More)
  • J Kolman
  • Acta chirurgiae orthopaedicae et traumatologiae…
  • 1999
Nineteen patients with acute Maisonneuve fracture of ankle were treated at the Orthopaedic Clinic IPVZ FN Bulovka in 1993-1997. This number represets 5 % of all patients treated acutely for fracturedislocation of ankle. Another 5 patients were managed for poor results of the management of this fracture treated at other Clinic. In all patients surgical(More)
Chronic tibialis anterior syndrome affects most frequently adolescent sportsmen. It is manifested by pain on the anterior side of the leg and sometimes also by claudications after burdening. The cause is hypertrophy of the m. tibialis anterior which leads to increased subfascial pressure and thus development of the syndrome. The diagnosis is frequently(More)
The authors have made evaluation of the surgical treatment of luxation fractures of the ankle in the period 1979-1987 in 105 patients (60 female, 45 male patients) in the age range from seventeen to eighty-one years, with the most frequent representation of the age group ranging from thirty-five to forty-five years. The group comprised 2,70 percent of(More)