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Allometric studies in primates have shown that the cerebral cortex, cerebellum, and remaining brain structures increase in size as a linear function of their numbers of neurons and nonneuronal cells across primates. Whether such scaling rules also apply to functionally related structures such as those of the auditory system is unknown. Here, we investigate(More)
The spinal cord can be considered a major sensorimotor interface between the body and the brain. How does the spinal cord scale with body and brain mass, and how are its numbers of neurons related to the number of neurons in the brain across species of different body and brain sizes? Here we determine the cellular composition of the spinal cord in eight(More)
Astronomers know since the 1930s that the universe contains more than what meets the eye. Galaxies within clusters of galaxies and stars within galaxies are moving around faster than the gravity of the visible matter would imply, indicating that a huge amount of invisible matter is pulling on them. The theory of Relation asserts that there are two(More)
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