J. Kishore Kumar Jacob

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We present a first description and evaluation of GEOS-CHEM, a global three-dimensional (3-D) model of tropospheric chemistry driven by assimilated meteorological observations from the Goddard Earth Observing System (GEOS) of the NASA Data Assimilation Office (DAO). The model is applied to a 1-year simulation of tropospheric ozone-NO •-hydrocarbon chemistry(More)
We present a new formulation for the air mass factor (AMF) to convert slant column measurements of optically thin atmospheric species from space into total vertical columns. Because of atmospheric scattering, the AMF depends on the vertical distribution of the species. We formulate the AMF as the integral of the relative vertical distribution (shape factor)(More)
  • Rn Boqueirão, R Zocatelli, J Jacob, M Boussafir, Sifeddine, Bernardes
  • 2010
The first meter of sediments in Lagoa do Boqueirão (RN, Brazil) is characterized by low sedimentation rates during the 1000 BC-1500 AD time period and high sedimentation rate in the top 20 cm, corresponding to the last ten years. Several pentacyclic triterpene methyl ethers (PTME) such as taraxer-14-en-3α-ol ME (crusgallin) and arbor-9(11)-en-3β-ol ME(More)
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