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We report on photodarkening (PD) investigations at Yb doped fibers with specific variation of the concentrations of the codopants aluminum and phosphorus, measured during cladding pumping at 915 nm. A core composition with equal content of Al and P is most promising to achieve Yb fibers with low PD, high laser efficiency and low numerical aperture of the(More)
We investigated the photodarkening (PD) kinetics of two fiber series with variation of the Yb content for constant Al concentration or constant ratio of Al/Yb, respectively. The results show the outstanding importance of the absolute value of Al concentration also in the case of fibers with strongly reduced Yb content. An Al/Yb ratio of 5 to 6 is not(More)
Photodarkening in Yb doped fibers was examined at 633 nm in-situ during cladding pumping at 915 nm with varying pump powers and with no indication of an onset threshold. For the first time, the partial bleaching of the photodarkening loss by the pump power itself was observed. We found the relaxation to well-defined equilibrium states of the core excess(More)
This paper describes the application of photovoltaic solar cells in planar antenna structures. The radiating patch element of a planar antenna is replaced by a solar cell. The original feature of a solar cell (DC current generation) remains, but additionally the cell is now able to receive and transmit electromagnetic waves. For a proper performance of(More)
In contrast to Yb/Al-doped fibers, the influence of very low Tm(2)O(3) concentrations (≥ 0.1 mol-ppm) on photodarkening (PD) is clearly detectable in Yb/P-doped fibers that are known to show little degradation effects. For Tm(2)O(3) additions of more than 50 mol-ppm, the measured PD loss is even similar to Yb/Al-doped fibers with comparable rare earth(More)
We report on the thermal treatment of photodarkened Yb-doped fiber samples. The method of non-isothermal bleaching at different temperature ramp rates can be used to determine the thermal energy distribution of photodarkening induced color centers. A distributed activation energy with a mean value of about 1.3 eV and a FWHM of 0.5 eV was found. Spectral(More)
We studied both numerically and experimentally a birefringence in a microstructure fiber with elliptical inclusion highly doped with GeO(2). We demonstrate that such inclusion increases the phase modal birefringence and modifies its dispersion in the short wavelength range, thus causing that group birefringence crosses zero value at a certain wavelength.(More)
We investigated photodarkening (PD) parameters of Yb/Al-doped silica fibers as a function of the concentration of additional rare earth ions like Tm or Er. It was found that both Tm and Er cause a decrease in Yb inversion followed by a reduction of PD in the case of Er, whereas Tm-codoping with more than 10 mol-ppm can strongly accelerate the process and(More)