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Hybrid fiber-laser-pumped solid-state lasers exploit high-power cladding-pumped fiber lasers for direct (in-band) pumping of a crystal-based solid-state laser to reduce heating in the laser crystal, and hence allow scaling to higher power in both continuous-wave (CW) and pulsed modes of operation. In this paper, we briefly review the attractions of the(More)
This paper describes an alternative and easier method for measuring the upconversion parameter based on measuring laser threshold pump power as a function of resonator loss. This approach exploits the fact that upconversion loss is larger for higher excitation densities and that the excitation density in a laser can be increased by simply increasing the(More)
J. Kim, R. Kanaan, W. Kaufmann, C. Ross, V. Calhoun, D. Xu, D. Shen, C. Davatzikos, G. Pearlson Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center, Hartford, CT, United States, Institute of Psychiatry, London, United Kingdom, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, United States, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, United States Synopsis Six(More)
We report high-power operation of double-clad Yb-doped and Er,Yb-doped fiber lasers at 1066 nm and 1553 nm respectively using volume Bragg gratings for wavelength selection. Both lasers yielded output powers over 100 W limited by available pump power.
In this paper, we report the preliminary results for power scaling of an Er:YAG laser at 1617 nm in-band pumped by a high-power cladding-pumped Er,Yb fibre laser. In this preliminary study, a simple four-mirror folded cavity was employed for the Er:YAG laser comprising a 29 mm long Er:YAG rod with 0.5 at.% Er<sup>3+</sup> concentration mounted in a(More)
A Tm-doped fiber master-oscillator power-amplifier system that generates over 100 W of single frequency output in a near-diffraction-limited beam with an M<sup>2</sup> parameter of 1.25 is described. The prospects for further increase in power are considered.
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