J Kevin Shoemaker

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Cardiovascular arousal correlates to activity within the medial prefrontal cortex (MPFC). Additional evidence provides anatomical and functional links between the MPFC and hippocampus (HC). This study tested the hypothesis that the MPFC and HC form a sub-network associated with rapid heart rate (HR) responses to volitional effort. Primary analyses were(More)
OBJECTIVE Interpretation of baroreflex cardiovascular control requires accurate assessment of pulse pressure (PP) in central arteries under conditions of varying systemic or hydrostatic pressure. The objective of this study was to examine whether changes in PP during postural stress were similar in the peripheral versus carotid arteries. DESIGN Protocol(More)
Current evidence suggests that the persistent sympathetic nerve activity (SNA), commonly observed after exposure to hypoxia (HX), is mediated by chemoreceptor sensitization and or baroreflex resetting. Evidence in humans and animals suggests that these reflexes may independently regulate the frequency (gating) and amplitude (neuronal recruitment) of SNA(More)
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