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1 2 Quantification of forest structure is important for developing a better 3 understanding of how forest ecosystems function. Additionally, estimation of 4 forest structural attributes such as aboveground biomass is an important step in 5 identifying the amount of carbon in terrestrial vegetation pools and is central to 6 global carbon cycle studies.(More)
The properties of homoserine dehydrogenase (EC isolated from shoots of young etiolated seedlings of Zea mays L. var. earliking can be reversibly altered by dialysis against an appropriate buffer. Treatment with 500 millimolar potassium phosphate buffer (pH 7.5) in the absence of l-threonine results in diminished regulatory control such that the(More)
The synergistic inhibition of the growth of Marchantia polymorpha gemmalings by lysine and threonine and its prevention by methionine has been investigated utilizing (14)C-labeled amino acids. Experiments involving the uptake of (14)C-lysine or (14)C-threonine in the presence or absence of methionine indicated that the synergistic growth effects were not a(More)
We present the fabrication and characterization of plates made from two ultrathin layers and capable of withstanding repeated extreme mechanical deformation. The ultrathin layers, one flat and the other corrugated, are less than 100 nm thick and created using atomic layer deposition, forming a joined structure similar to conventional honeycomb sandwich(More)
The low molecular weight threonine-resistant (class I) and the higher molecular weight threonine-sensitive (class II/III) isozymes of homoserine dehydrogenase (EC isolated from Zea mays L. were shown to differ in stability during incubations in the presence of urea. Class II/III was inactivated by urea in a time- and concentration-dependent manner,(More)
Monoclonal antibodies, highly specific for the threonine-sensitive isozyme of maize homoserine dehydrogenase, have been prepared and utilized to purify the enzyme to homogeneity. The results of one- and two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis under denaturing conditions indicate that the enzyme is composed of subunits of identical molecular(More)
The relative contribution of each of several forms of homoserine dehydrogenase (EC to the total enzyme population in etiolated shoots and in roots of Zea mays L. var. earliking was examined by the use of gel filtration chromatography and disc gel electrophoresis. In enzyme preparations derived from shoots of seedlings grown for 72, 120, or 168(More)