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PURPOSE Tannins and dyes pose major threat to the environment by generating huge pollution problem. Biodegradation of wattle extract, chrome tannin and dye compounds using suitable fungal culture namely Aspergillus niger, Penicillium sp. were carried out. In addition to these, ozone treatment was carried out to get higher degradation rate. RESULTS The(More)
Leather industry, one of the polluting industries because of generation of huge amount of liquid and solid wastes, also emits obnoxious smell because of degradation of proteinous material of skin and generation of gases such as NH3, H2S and CO2. Solid wastes are raw trimmings, fleshings, chrome shavings, buffing dusts and keratin wastes. Accumulation of(More)
This paper presents design and implementation of voltage source Inverter type SVPWM for control a speed of Induction motor. This scheme leads to be able to adjust the speed of the motor by control the frequency and amplitude of the stator voltage, the ratio of stator voltage to frequency should be kept constant. The model of control system is implemented in(More)
This paper presents design and implementation of Real time MATLAB Interface for speed control of induction motor drive using dsPIC 30F4011. In recent years, the field oriented control of induction motor drive is widely used in high performance drive system .It is due to its unique characteristics like high efficiency, good power factor and extremely rugged(More)
"Dyeing" is a common practice used to color the hides during the post-tanning operations in leather processing generating plenty of wastewater. The waste stream containing dye as pollutant is severely harmful to living beings. An azo dye (C.I. Acid Blue 113) has been biodegraded effectively by bacterial culture mediated with azoreductase enzyme to reduce(More)
To extract Maximum Power from PV system, many MPPT techniques have been employed by the researchers. This paper presents a fuzzy logic based MPPT algorithm for a 100 kW PV System. The Duty Cycle of the DC-DC Boost converter is controlled by the proposed Fuzzy MPPT control Technique and hence Maximum power is obtained from PV system. Simulations were carried(More)
Power systems are usually large non-linear systems, which are often subjected to low frequency electromechanical oscillations. Power System Stabilizers (PSSs) are often used as effective and economic means for damping the generators’ electromechanical oscillations and enhance the overall stability of power systems. Power system stabilizers have been applied(More)
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