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This paper presents design and implementation of Real time MATLAB Interface for speed control of induction motor drive using dsPIC 30F4011. In recent years, the field oriented control of induction motor drive is widely used in high performance drive system .It is due to its unique characteristics like high efficiency, good power factor and extremely rugged(More)
To extract Maximum Power from PV system, many MPPT techniques have been employed by the researchers. This paper presents a fuzzy logic based MPPT algorithm for a 100 kW PV System. The Duty Cycle of the DC-DC Boost converter is controlled by the proposed Fuzzy MPPT control Technique and hence Maximum power is obtained from PV system. Simulations were carried(More)
Power systems are usually large non-linear systems, which are often subjected to low frequency electromechanical oscillations. Power System Stabilizers (PSSs) are often used as effective and economic means for damping the generators' electromechanical oscillations and enhance the overall stability of power systems. Power system stabilizers have been applied(More)
Blast traumatic brain injury (bTBI) has now been identified to associate with adverse health consequences among combat veterans. Post-traumatic stress disorder linked with explosive blasts, for example, may result from such brain injury. The fundamental questions about the nature, diagnosis, and long-term consequences of bTBI and causative relationship to(More)
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