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Self-adjusting, or adaptive, systems have gathered much recent interest. We present a model for self-adjusting systems which treats the control parameters of the system as slowly varying, rather than constant. The dynamics of these parameters is governed by a low-pass filtered feedback from the dynamical variables of the system. We apply this model to the(More)
In nonintegrable Hamiltonian systems with mixed phase space and discrete symmetries, sequences of pitchfork bifurcations of periodic orbits pave the way from integrability to chaos. In extending the semiclassical trace formula for the spectral density, we develop a uniform approximation for the combined contribution of pitchfork bifurcation pairs. For a(More)
We investigate the resonance spectrum of the Hénon-Heiles potential up to twice the barrier energy. The quantum spectrum is obtained by the method of complex coordinate rotation. We use periodic orbit theory to approximate the oscillating part of the resonance spectrum semiclassically and Strutinsky smoothing to obtain its smooth part. Although the system(More)
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