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We present an instrumentation plan for spectral imaging of MercuryÏs extended atmosphere. The approach depends upon simultaneous short-exposure images in white light and sodium, with the former used to select the frames for postintegration of the sodium images. The e †ects of atmospheric seeing are thus minimized by the combination of high-speed exposures(More)
Since the discovery in 1969 of a man-made surface-active material that would bond to bone, a range of materials with the same ability has been developed. These include glass, glass-ceramic, and ceramic materials which have a range of reaction rates and from which it should be possible to select a surface-active material for a specific application. The(More)
A prevailing view among physiologists is that homeostasis evolves to protect organisms from damaging variation in physiological factors. Here, we propose that homeostasis also evolves to minimize noise in physiological channels. Fluctuations in physiological factors constitute inescapable noise that corrupts the transfer of information through physiological(More)
We present observations of the lunar sodium atmosphere during four lunar eclipses between 1993 and 1997. With the Moon inside the magnetosphere, and therefore shielded from solar wind impact, we find its Na atmosphere to be comparable in abundance to cases near first and third quarter, implying that solar wind ion sputtering is not a significant source of(More)
Insect carnivores frequently use olfactory cues from plants to find prey or hosts. For plants, the benefits of attracting parasitoids have been controversial, partly because parasitoids often do not kill their host insect immediately. Furthermore, most research has focused on the effects of solitary parasitoids on growth and feeding of hosts, even though(More)
Neutral sodium emissions encircling Jupiter exhibit an intricate and variable structure that is well matched by a simple loss process from Io's atmosphere. These observations imply that fast neutral sodium is created locally in the Io plasma torus, both near Io and as much as 8 hours downstream. Sodium-bearing molecules may be present in Io's upper(More)
We find evidence for hydrated material in the lunar regolith using " albedo protons " measured with the Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation (CRaTER) on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). Fluxes of these albedo protons, which are emitted from the regolith due to steady bombardment by high energy radiation (Galactic Cosmic Rays), are(More)
Ireland is characterised by its diversity and large abundance of wetlands, making it attractive to a wide variety of waterbirds throughout the year. This paper presents an overview of Ireland's waterbirds, including ecological factors relevant to the potential introduction, maintenance, transmission and spread of infectious agents, including the H5N1 avian(More)