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Frequency-domain analyses of R-R intervals are used widely to estimate levels of autonomic neural traffic to the human heart. Because respiration modulates autonomic activity, we determined for nine healthy subjects the influence of breathing frequency and tidal volume on R-R interval power spectra (fast-Fourier transform method). We also surveyed published(More)
1. We studied eight young men (age range: 20-37 years) with chronic, clinically complete high cervical spinal cord injuries and ten age-matched healthy men to determine how interruption of connections between the central nervous system and spinal sympathetic motoneurones affects autonomic cardiovascular control. 2. Baseline diastolic pressures and R-R(More)
We studied the effects of mechanical lung inflation on respiratory frequency R-R interval and arterial pressure fluctuations in nine healthy young adults undergoing elective orthopedic surgery. We conducted this research to define the contribution of pulmonary and thoracic stretch receptor input to respiratory sinus arrhythmia. We compared fast Fourier(More)
Focal myositis (FM) is a benign localized inflammatory process of unknown aetiology, which presents as a rapidly enlarging soft-tissue mass that evolves into a localized lesion. It is most often mistaken for a neoplasm. Histologically, it is characterized by marked myopathic changes of the muscle fibres, lymphocytic infiltration and interstitial fibrosis.(More)