J. K. Horrocks

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In eight experiments in 4 years, inoculating seed tubers withR. solani caused stem canker and in seven experiments decreased the total yield and the yield of tubers 40–70 mm. Yields of larger tubers were usually increased. In most experiments inoculating increased the reducing sugar content of the tubers and darkened the colour of crisps, but did not(More)
Ten people met for the first time as trainees after lunch on Thursday, 4 February, 1988 at an hotel near Ipswich. They were to live and work together until teatime on Saturday. Twelve trainers joined them from late afternoon on Friday, staying on after the trainees left, until lunchtime on the Sunday. The occasion was the start of the 1988 vocational(More)
Although under-researched and under-theorized compared to other settings, there is potential for the family setting to be harnessed to support the development of healthy children and societies and to reduce health inequalities. Within this setting, the role of fathers as health facilitators has yet to be fully understood and considered within health(More)
ii DECLARATIONS I, John Horrocks, hereby certify that this Thesis, which is approximately 40,000 words in length, has been written by me, that it is the record of work carried out by me and that it has not been submitted in any previous application for a higher degree. I hereby certify that the candidate has fulfilled the conditions of the Resolution and(More)
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