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The effect of xylometazolin spray (OTRIVEN) on the nasal mucosa was tested on persons with and without clinical signs of rhinitis and sinusitis. MRI is an excellent means to show the decongestive effect. The reaction is chiefly seen at the inferior and middle nasal concha and becomes manifest in a few minutes. No significant effect is noticeable at the(More)
In 50 patients, 1 mCi123I phenylpentadecanoic acid (IPPA) was injected at peak ergometric stress and 1500 frames were acquired (1 frame/s) with a high count rate gamma camera. Parametric images of rates of decrease and increase for different time intervals after stress were compared with coronary angiography and LV ventriculography, separately evaluating(More)
A filiform stenosis of the popliteal artery was examined by sonography and the reason for the cystic lesion in the arterial wall was found to be an uncommon type of cystic degeneration of the adventitia. The narrow lumen could be demonstrated by sonography and the lesion was punctured under ultrasound control. A viscous secretion was removed and the(More)
A new guide wire for angioplasty of peripheral vessels was developed and tested in 20 patients. 24 occlusions mainly of the crural arteries were reopened, and 21 high-grade stenoses were treated. The use of the guide wire down to the foot is easy, cannulation times are short, and success rates of cannulation higher than with previous techniques.
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