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OBJECTIVE To determine the degree to which the dose of oral cyclosporine (CyA), in healthy dogs, can be decreased by concurrent oral administration of ketoconazole. Dogs in this study were observed for physical or biochemical side effects that might have been caused by the administration of CyA and ketoconazole. STUDY DESIGN Prospective research study. (More)
Fecal samples collected from 245 cats over a 6-month period were analyzed for the presence of Clostridium difficile. After culture on selective media, isolates were identified by a latex agglutination test, and the presence of toxin A and toxin B gene sequences was determined by polymerase chain reaction. Clostridium difficile was isolated from 23 (9.4%) of(More)
Dalmatians are unique among dogs in that they excrete uric acid in their urine as the end product of purine metabolism rather than allantoin as do other breeds of dogs. Urinary calculi form from urate (salts of uric acid) and can cause urethral obstruction in male Dalmatians. Although all Dalmatians have the primary defect, only a subset develops clinical(More)
Knowledge of normal renal parameters, as documented in mature horses, is essential for the accurate evaluation of abnormal kidneys. Although the ultrasonographic appearance and location of the abdominal organs in foals and the renal dimensions in neonates have been reported, there is currently no information available for the assessment of normal organ(More)
The quality of dosimetry in radiotherapy treatment requires the accurate delimitation of the gross tumor volume. This can be achieved by complementing the anatomical detail provided by CT images through fusion with other imaging modalities that provide additional metabolic and physiological information. Therefore, use of multiple imaging modalities for(More)
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