J.K.B Ford

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Bed rest is used to simulate the effects of weightlessness on human physiology. A spin-echo procedure was used to image the lower leg of 15 normal male volunteers before and after 5 weeks of horizontal bedrest. In addition to noninvasively measuring muscle size changes, accurate T2 images were produced to investigate possible relaxation time changes(More)
The collagen crosslinks, pyridinoline and deoxypyridinoline, are recently described markers of the rate of bone resorption. The urinary excretion of these compounds, expressed as a ratio to urinary creatinine, has been measured using ion-pair reversed phase high-performance liquid chromatography in 20 patients receiving oral pamidronate for bone metastases(More)
The bisphosphonate pamidronate (3 amino-1, 1-hydroxypropylidene bisphosphonate (APD), Ciba-Geigy) is a powerful inhibitor of osteoclast function and has been shown to significantly reduce osteolysis associated with bone metastases in breast cancer. Until recently, however, only an intravenous preparation has been readily available. We have evaluated the(More)
This study was designed to evaluate new bone resorption and tumour markers as possible alternatives to serial plain radiographs for the assessment of response to treatment. Thirty-seven patients with newly diagnosed bone metastases from breast cancer, randomized to receive oral pamidronate or placebo tablets in addition to anticancer treatment within the(More)
Technical reports contain scientific and technical information that contributes to existing knowledge but which is not normally appropriate for primary literature. Technical reports are directed primarily toward a worldwide audience and have an international distribution. No restriction is placed on subject matter and the series reflects the broad interests(More)
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