J. Köhn

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A biophysically realistical model of the primary visual pathway is designed, including feedback connections from the visual cortex to the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) - the so-called corticofugal pathway. The model comprises up to 10,000 retina and LGN cells divided into the ON and the OFF pathway according to their contrast response characteristics. An(More)
Calculation of the total conductance change induced by multiple synapses at a given membrane compartment remains one of the most time-consuming processes in biophysically realistic neural network simulations. Here we show that this calculation can be achieved in a highly efficient way even for multiply converging synapses with different delays by means of(More)
Adenoviruses (AdV) broadly infect vertebrate hosts including a variety of primates. We identified a novel AdV in the feces of captive gorillas by isolation in cell culture, electron microscopy and PCR. From the supernatants of infected cultures we amplified DNA polymerase (DPOL), preterminal protein (pTP) and hexon gene sequences with generic pan primate(More)
Infections by influenza A viruses (IAV) are a major health burden to mankind. The current antiviral arsenal against IAV is limited and novel drugs are urgently required. Medicinal plants are known as an abundant source for bioactive compounds, including antiviral agents. The aim of the present study was to characterize the anti-IAV potential of a(More)
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