J Josepha Lourdu Raj

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Here we have demonstrated a solventless plasma-based process that integrates low-cost, high throughput, high reproducibility and ecofriendly process for the functionalization of the next-generation point-of-care device platforms. Amine functionalities were deposited by plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) using a new precursor. The influence(More)
A new C-seco tetranortriterpenoid named as 6-homodesacetylnimbin 2, has been synthesised for the first time through semi-synthetic modification of nimbolide 1, a potent molecule with anticancer activity. Attempts were made to transesterify the -COOMe moiety in nimbolide using titanium (IV) isopropoxide and ethanol so as to obtain a molecule with -COOEt(More)
In this work, the surface functionalisation of the commercially available cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) materials, Zeonor and Zeonex, has been studied. The methodology employed involved oxidation in oxygen plasma, functionalisation of the oxidized surface with aminopropyl triethoxy silane and, finally, attachment of antibody using covalent linker molecules.(More)
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