J. José

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We present a real-time vision system to assist blind and visually impaired persons. This system complements the white cane, and it can be used both indoor and outdoor. It detects borders of paths and corridors, obstacles within the borders, and it provides guidance for centering and obstacle avoidance. Typical obstacles are backpacks, trash cans, trees,(More)
Worldwide there are about 285 million visually impaired persons, of which 39 million are blind and the others have low vision. Almost all systems designed to assist them are quite complex and expensive, but most blind persons do not have advanced technical assistance and they are rather poor. We are therefore developing a low-cost navigation aid which can(More)
Candida boidinii and Candida sojae yeasts were isolated from energy cane bagasse and plague-insects. Both have fast xylose uptake rate and produce great amounts of xylitol, which are interesting features for food and 2G ethanol industries. Because they lack published genomes, we have sequenced and assembled them, offering new possibilities for gene(More)
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