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The advent of solid phase assays and in particular the single antigen bead (SAB) assay, on the Luminex platform has led to previously unheralded levels of HLA-specific antibody characterisation. However, it soon became apparent that the detection of antibodies detected by these assays was less than perfect and that not all antibodies determined could be(More)
Honeynets have increasingly been deployed by information technology (IT) professionals in industry for studying the methods and tools of malicious attackers. Educational institutions, because of their open access, offer a particularly enticing setting for connecting a Honeynet. The specific challenge for educational institutions is maintaining continuity in(More)
The vision welfare services in many Third World countries are compromised by the shortage of trained ophthalmic vision care workers. We investigated the feasibility of fulfilling part of the needs in this area by training local personnel in the use of automatic refraction devices. A nurse from the Vila Base Hospital in Vanuatu was given minimal training in(More)
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