J. Jolie L. Lanser

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Methods of validation of formaldehyde decontamination of biological safety cabinets were compared. Decontamination of metal strips inoculated with Mycobacterium bovis, poliovirus, or Bacillus spp. spores was compared with the results obtained with three biological indicators. Conditions for successful decontamination, particularly relative humidity, were(More)
This theoretical paper addresses the cognitive functions via which quiet and in general pleasurable sounds promote and annoying sounds impede health. The article comprises a literature analysis and an interpretation of how the bidirectional influence of appraising the environment and the feelings of the perceiver can be understood in terms of core affect(More)
This paper is an outcome of a workshop that addressed the question how soundscape research can improve its impact on the local level. It addresses a number of topics by complementing existing approaches and practices with possible future approaches and practices. The paper starts with an analysis of the role of sound annoyance and suboptimal soundscapes on(More)
Human campylobacteriosis is currently the most common cause of acute bacterial gastroenteritis on the island of Ireland, accounting for over 3,000 laboratory reports per year, where circa 2,000 reports originate from the Republic of Ireland and circa 1,000 reports from Northern Ireland. Elsewhere, consumption of contaminated poultry has been associated with(More)
Two methods are described for the extraction of enterotoxin from foods incriminated in incidents of staphylococcal food poisoning. Enterotoxin was detected serologically in 12 of 24 food samples from 20 separate incidents: eight samples contained enterotoxin A, three contained D and one both A and B. The amount of enterotoxin in nine foods, based on 100%(More)
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