J. Jimenez

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BACKGROUND Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne illness that places significant burden on tropical developing countries with unplanned urbanization. A surveillance system using Google Earth and GIS mapping technologies was developed in Nicaragua as a management tool. METHODS AND RESULTS Satellite imagery of the town of Bluefields, Nicaragua captured from(More)
A new method for marine oil spills detection is presented in this paper. It is shown that morphological images analysis techniques are powerful tools to extract accurately dark spots in SAR images, which are candidates to be oil spills. The main goal is that this segmentation can be carried out with no prior knowledge about ocean conditions during the image(More)
UNLABELLED Transplant vasculopathy is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in heart transplantation. The proliferation of coronary vascular smooth muscle cells is a hallmark of transplant vasculopathy. The goal of this study was to detect coronary vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation in a swine model by imaging regions of uptake of a monoclonal(More)
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