J. Jesus Rico-Melgoza

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In this paper, a recently proposed approach for modeling switched networks (SNs) and power electronic converters is presented. Actually, typical modelings of SNs such as switched models (SMs) and the modified nodal analysis (MNA) exhibit certain drawbacks for simulating switching. For example, the SMs, which consider the switches to be ideal, require to(More)
This paper proposes an optimization algorithm to expand electrical networks based on the application of a multi-objective Tabu Search technique. The proposed methodology finds Pareto efficient solutions to the formulated problem by searching the topology that minimizes the voltage sag/year number in the electrical system and at the same time that minimizes(More)
In this paper an infinite-horizon optimal controller, based on the state-dependent Riccati equation approach to solve the tracking for nonlinear systems, is presented. The synthesized control law comes from solving the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation for state-dependent coefficient factorized nonlinear systems. The proposed controller minimizes a quadratic(More)
This paper proposes an adaptive polynomial identifier and a robust optimal tracking control scheme for polynomial systems. In order to approximate the dynamics of an uncertain and disturbed nonlinear system, it is proposed a polynomial identifier whose parameters are on-line adapted by an adaptation algorithm based on the measurement of only one of the(More)
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