J Jessy

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Liver failure, or shunting of intestinal blood around the liver, results in hyperammonemia and cerebral dysfunction. Recently it was shown that ammonia caused some of the metabolic signs of hepatic encephalopathy only after it was metabolized by glutamine synthetase in the brain. In the present study, small doses of methionine sulfoximine, an inhibitor of(More)
Recent studies showed that hyperammonaemia caused many of the metabolic changes in portacaval-shunted rats, a model of hepatic encephalopathy. These changes included a depression in the cerebral metabolic rate of glucose (CMRGlc), an indication of decreased brain function. 2. The purpose of the present experiments was to determine whether the depression of(More)
The activity levels of leucine, isoleucine and valine aminotransferases were determined in various cerebral regions, liver and muscle of rats injected with a large dose of ammonium acetate and were compared with those of normal animals. In brain the activity levels of both leucine and isoleucine aminotransferases were elevated in both preconvulsive and(More)
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