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Software product lines are widely used due to their advantageous reuse of shared features while still allowing optional and alternative features in the individual products. Especially for high-integrity product lines, we would like to use model checking to verify that key properties hold as each new product is built. However, this goal is currently hampered(More)
Upgrading information exchange of extensive information sets is still a major test in distributed computing. Viable use of accessible system transfer speed has turned out to be progressively critical for wide region information development. We have studied few concepts like pipelining, parallelism, concurrency and application level throughput optimization(More)
Cloud computing is a rapidly growing computation paradigm. Cloud Computing combines all the Information Technology (IT) capabilities. As it has turned into the standard for cloud suppliers to have numerous server farms the world over, noteworthy requests exist for between server farm's information moves in extensive volumes, e.g., relocation of huge(More)
Fountain-code based cloud storage framework gives dependable online stockpiling arrangement through putting unlabeled substance obstructs into numerous capacity hubs. Luby Transform (LT) code is one of the prevalent wellspring codes for capacity frameworks because of its productive recuperation. However, to guarantee high achievement deciphering of(More)
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