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We present a case of rupture of the right diaphragm, due to an automobile accident, discovered after a period of eight years and presenting a clinical picture of pleuropneumonia. The radiologic appearances of traumatic hernia of the diaphragm are more difficult to appreciate on the right side because of the presence of the liver and delayed symptoms. This(More)
One of the major advances in medicine where Radiology is able to be of considerable aid is in the field of Cytogenetics. Parallel with the development of Cytogenetics a group of radiologists described radiological signs associated with chromosomal abnormalities, which became the basis of Radio Cytogenetics. In the last few years radiocytogenetics has(More)
The effectiveness of 1alpha-hydroxycholecalciferol [1alpha-OH)D3] in healing uremic bone disease was investigated in 10 uremic patients on maintenance dialysis. Seven patients received 1alpha-(OH)D3, 2 microgram/day, for six months, and three patients served as a control group. Bone density was determined from X-rays of the second phalanx of the second(More)