J. Janak

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The historically conditioned adaptation of living organisms to chemically corresponding elements is influenced in nature by anthropogenic activities in many regions, the selenium-sulphur pair being one example of such a case. The separation of selenomethionine, selenoethionine and selenocystine was studied by HPLC and high-resolution GC. Ion-exchange(More)
A simple device for the determination of sulfur dioxide at ppb concentrations in air is described. The device is composed of an enrichment unit operating continuously on the basis of gas extraction into polydisperse aerosol of a liquid transferring sulfur dioxide from liter amount of air into microliter amount of liquid. The analyte is determined(More)
In order to perform a required separation, an experimental procedure for the selection of suitable operating conditions is suggested and discussed. It is based on measurements of the dependences of the relative effective mobilities of the components under investigation on the pH of the leading electrolyte. The procedure was applied to a set of typical Krebs(More)