J. Jakobsen

B. Berning1
M. Wisshak1
A. Freiwald1
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OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between fatigue, regional brain atrophy and normal appearing white matter damage in patients with multiple sclerosis. METHODS Primary fatigued (PF) (n, 17) and non-fatigued (NF) (n, 17) patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and moderate disability were grouped according to their subjective fatigue(More)
The diversity of calcareous epiliths along a bathymetrical transect spanning the intertidal to bathyal (0–500 m) was investigated during a two-year carbonate cycling experiment deployed in the Faial Channel, Azores. The epilith inventory comprises 47 taxa of bryozoans, 9 serpulids, 3 bivalves, 3 cirripeds, 3 foraminiferans, 2 vermetid gastropods, and 1(More)
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