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The effects of axotomy on the size and number of rat dorsal root ganglion cells was studied using stereological methods. Twenty adult Wistar rats were axotomized by transection of the right fifth lumbar spinal nerve approximately 7 mm distal to the fifth lumbar dorsal root ganglion (DRG-L5). The corresponding ganglia from the nonaxotomized side served as(More)
BACKGROUND A possible role for GABA in regulating cortical plasticity after stroke has been proposed. OBJECTIVE To investigate changes in intracortical inhibitory and facilitatory circuits in the affected hemisphere more than 6 months after stroke, as well as modulation of excitability by a single training session. METHODS A total of 22 patients >6(More)
Neuropsychological data suggests that divided attention is more impaired than sustained attention during the early phases of Alzheimer's disease. The purpose of the present study was to compare cerebral activation patterns during sustained and divided attention between Alzheimer patients and healthy elderly. The O-15-water PET activation method was used to(More)
Human brain mechanisms subserving attention have been assigned to prefrontal, midfrontal, and posterior parietal cortices, as well as to the anterior cingulate and the thalamus. To map these mechanisms in the brain, most studies have used selective attention tasks; few studies have mapped the brain under sustained or divided attention. The present study was(More)
Structure and function of peripheral nerve in early insulin deficient streptozotocin diabetic rat were examined. Quantitative studies of myelinated fibres from electron micrographs showed that the fibre calibre and slope coefficients of regression lines between axon and myelin areas were reduced and quantitation of unmyelinated fibres revealed a 40%(More)
Diabetic patients with polyneuropathy develop motor dysfunction. To establish whether motor dysfunction is associated with muscular atrophy the ankle dorsal and plantar flexors of the non-dominant leg were evaluated with magnetic resonance imaging in 8 patients with symptomatic neuropathy, in 8 non-neuropathic patients and in 16 individually matched control(More)
A diminution of the cross sectional area of myelinated fibres in the common peroneal nerve was observed in rats four weeks after the induction of diabetes with streptozotocin. Small fibres were affected more than larger ones and the axon reduction was twice that of the myelin sheath. The fibre diminution and the decreased axon/myelin ratio may explain the(More)
The volume of nerve cell bodies of the anterior horn of the fifth lumbar segment and of the fifth lumbar dorsal root ganglion were measured by stereological methods in rats with 4-wk duration of streptozotocin diabetes and in age-matched controls. The perikaryal volume of motor and sensory neurons was reduced by 18% in diabetic rats and a shift between the(More)