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High frequency oscillations (HFOs) are emerging as biomarkers of epileptogenicity. They have been shown to originate from small brain regions. Surprisingly, spontaneous HFOs can be recorded from the scalp. To understand how is it possible to observe these small events on the scalp, one avenue is the analysis of the cortical correlates at the time of scalp(More)
We compared the orientation of the acetabular component obtained by a conventional manual technique with that using five different navigation systems. Three surgeons carried out five implantations of an acetabular component with each navigation system, as well as manually, using an anatomical model. The orientation of the acetabular component, including(More)
AIM To determine if acetazolamide, an effective treatment for certain inherited channelopathies, has therapeutic effects on infantile nystagmus syndrome (INS) in a well-studied subject, compare them to other therapies in the same subject and to tenotomy and reattachment (T&R) in other subjects. METHODS Eye-movement data were taken using a high-speed(More)
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