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The present study investigated the associations between social skills, friendship quality, and happiness, and tested a mediational model positing that friendship quality would mediate the relationship between social skills and happiness among American and Malaysian college students. Although American students reported significantly higher levels of(More)
The purpose of this project is to design and construct a seven degree of freedom (DOF) three-fingered robotic hand. This project is the continuity from a previous work which has successfully constructed two-DOF robotic finger. In this work, a palm that holds all the three fingers is designed and the design of the current finger is improved. All components(More)
This paper discusses the calibration of two-axis force sensors which were embedded into the fingertip of a three-fingered robot hand. In a previous work, a functioning prototype of the three-fingered robot hand has been successfully developed. However, the performance of the robot hand for grasping was insufficient. Therefore, the improved design fingertip(More)
Daily Weather forecasting is used for multiple reasons in multiple areas like agriculture, energy supply, transportations, etc. Accuracy of weather conditions shown in forecast reports is very necessary. In this paper, the review is conducted to investigate a better approach for forecasting which compares many techniques such as which are used for different(More)
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