J.J. van den Broek

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In this paper we report results from an ongoing study about the diagnostic benefits of three-dimensional (3D) visualization and quantification of stenosed coronary artery segments. Biplane angiographic images do not provide enough information for the exact reconstruction of the coronary arteries. Therefore, a priori information about the 3D shape to be(More)
Spontaneous extracapsular hemorrhage is a rare but potentially life-threatening manifestation of parathyroid gland adenomas. We present a case demonstrating that even in a patient with increased bleeding tendency due to anticoagulants, combined with compression of trachea and esophagus, conservative treatment can be successful.
Mounted police horses have to cope with challenging, unpredictable situations when on duty and it is essential to gain insight into how these horses handle stress to warrant their welfare. The aim of the study was to evaluate physiological and behavioral responses of 12 (six experienced and six inexperienced) police horses during police training. Horses(More)
Various potential biomarkers were sampled for vanadium every 3-4 months from Bos indicus beef cattle farmed extensively immediately adjacent (high exposure (HE) group) and two km away (low exposure (LE) group) from a vanadium processing plant, respectively. Vanadium intake (mg vanadium kg(-1) bwt d(-1)) was modelled using environmental and physiological(More)
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