J. J. de Pina

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BACKGROUND African tick-bite fever occurs after contact with ticks that carry Rickettsia africae and that parasitize cattle and game. Sporadic reports suggest that this infection has specific clinical and epidemiologic features. METHODS We studied patients who were tested for a rickettsial disease after returning from a visit to Africa or Guadeloupe. To(More)
Parts of the nosocomial infections issue are the professionally-acquired infections of health care workers. This problem is widely neglected in sub-Saharan Africa, and little is known on the subject, in spite of the high prevalence of blood-borne infections such as HIV or hepatitis B and C, and air-borne diseases like tuberculosis. Besides, unsafe practices(More)
The ParaSight(R)-F test is a qualitative diagnostic test of Plasmodium falciparum, which is based on the detection by a monoclonal antibody of a species-specific soluble antigen (histidine-rich protein (HRP-II)) in whole blood and which can be performed without special equipment. A visual reading is given by a polyclonal antibody coupled with dye-loaded(More)
BACKGROUND French military surveillance identified an increase in Plasmodium ovale attacks among soldiers in Ivory Coast. This emergence and the low sensitivity of biological tests raise the question of a possible role of P. ovale variant species. METHODS Epidemiological data about P. ovale attacks from 1993 to 2012 were studied; the species diagnosis was(More)
When two cholera epidemics broke out in Djibouti, respectively in 1993 and 1994, Bioforce was obliged to intervene. The first time, three goals were pursued: setting up a rehydration centre in a tent, organizing epidemiological surveillance and training local personnel in treatment and diagnosis techniques. The next year, the epidemic followed serious(More)
Malaria is a parasitological emergency requiring safe quick accurate diagnosis so that appropriate therapy can be implemented. A number of rapid diagnostic tests based on detection of HRP2 Ag, enzymes, LDH or aldolase are now available. However the use of these tests is restricted to trained, experienced staff in special situations. The purpose of this(More)