J. J. de Groot

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the different methods of detection of breast cancer in women who at time of diagnosis underwent screening mammographies as participants in the Dutch National Breast Cancer Screening Programme (BOB group), and in women who participated in an intensive screening programme for a familial or genetic predisposition to breast cancer (FAM(More)
The white-flowered Tulipa kolbintsevii (Liliaceae), section Biflores, occurs in SE Kazakhstan, Dzjungarian Ala-Tau, Taskora valley. So far only T. aff. altaica and T. brachystemon (sect. Kolpakowskianae) both with yellow flowers, flushed greenish–violet or red on the outside, were known to be present there. It differs in that it is not only the easternmost(More)
Ground based emitters can be located with a receiver installed on an airborne platform. This paper discusses techniques based on Doppler frequency and differential phase measurements (interferometry). Measurements of the first technique are provided, while we discuss and compare the theoretical accuracy of both. In addition, we demonstrate the use of(More)
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