J J Zieliński

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The purpose of this study was establishing the effect of moderate exercise on EEG tracings in young epileptics. The model of graded exercise was 15-minute work on a cycle ergometer. The effect of the exercise on the pattern of simultaneously recorded EEG was compared with the effect of 3-minute hyperventilation. After testing a control group of 20 young(More)
The aim of the research was to discover the level of change observed in cognitive functions and personality variables in patients ill with obstructive sleep apnea prior to and after CPAP treatment. Data was collected from 20 male patients ill with a severe form of obstructive sleep apnea whose physiological symptoms were correlated with the results of(More)
Chronic respiratory diseases are an important cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Tuberculosis is responsible for 2 million deaths annually , COPD for another 3 million with an ever increasing trend. It is estimated that COPD will be the third most important cause of all deaths in 2020 and the fifth most important cause of DALY's. COPD, asthma and(More)
We performed full polysomnography (PSG) in 7 healthy miners of Kyrghyz origin (mean age 25 +/- 6 years) working in 2 weeks shifts at Kumtor gold mines at the elevation of 4200 m. They slept in comfortable dormitories situated at 3700 m. To avoid acute mountain sickness all subjects received acetazolamide 3 x 0.25 daily during 2 days preceding ascent and(More)
In the years 1976-1979 all cases of first epileptic seizure of any type were analysed in the whole population of the Mokotów District. The total number of patients with the first seizure in life was 272. The mean annual incidence coefficients were: for the repeatedly occurring seizures (i.e.epilepsy)--21.2/100 thousand of the general population, including(More)
The authors studied 168 children of mothers with the diagnosis of epilepsy, with 94 of them aged below 15 years whose conception occurred already during the disease of the mother. The control group included 94 children of healthy mothers. These groups of children were matched for sex and age. The general condition was analysed with particular reference to(More)
The follow-up study reported covered two representative groups of epileptics: 289 known epileptics (group Z) and 82 cases found in a sample of general population in Warsaw (group T). During 2--3 years of follow-up the frequency of seizures has changed in 40% of cases: the percent of patients improved exceeding significantly that of patients with worsening(More)
Among 98 epileptics found in the sample of general population 1/3 were on anticonvulsants when examined, another 1/3 were medicated in the past and a remaining 1/3 never received any medication. Out of 312 samples epileptics known to specialty facilities, 75% were on treatment when examined. Voluntary cessation of medication was frequently observed in both(More)