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A novel microsphere drug delivery system of ivermectin (IVM) using hydrophobic protein zein was prepared by the phase separation method and characterized by a scanning electron microscope and laser light scattering particle size analyzer. Releases of model drug IVM from zein microspheres, tabletted microspheres and pepsin degradation of tabletted(More)
A template-directed approach to the design of a DNA-DNA interstrand cross-linker based upon the structure of a bis-tomaymycin-duplex adduct has been carried out. Tomaymycin is a member of the pyrrolo[1,4]benzodiazepines antitumor antibiotics. In a previous study (F.L. Boyd et al., Biochemistry 1990, 29, 2387-2403), we have shown that two tomaymycin(More)
The interstrand cross-linked DSB-120-d(CICG*ATCICG)2 DNA adduct (*indicates covalently modified guanine) was examined by two-dimensional NMR and compared to the bis-tomaymycin adduct on the same oligomer. Tomaymycin and DSB-120 form self-complementary adducts with the d(CICGATCICG)2 duplex sequence in which the covalent linkage sites occur between C11 of(More)
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