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We determined the intraoperative serum and wound-muscle concentrations of cefazolin and cefoxitin in 40 patients who were undergoing cholecystectomies. The study employed an open-label design in which all of the patients randomly received cefazolin sodium (20 mg/kg) or cefoxitin sodium (30 mg/kg) intravenously while the patient was in the ward ("on call")(More)
It is evident that substantial intersubject and intrasubject varition in the bioavailability of clobazam exists following ingestion of 10, 20 and 40 mg doses in these 12 volunteers. Peak concentrations and area under the plasma level-time curve were directly proportional to the dose of clobazam and the mean plasma half-life of clobazam was about 18 hours(More)
In a relatively small pilot study, the half-life of elimination of hydromorphone in six subjects was 2.64 +/- 0.88 hours and the drug had a high volume of distribution, 1.22 l./kg. In addition, the drug was rapidly but incompletely absorbed after oral administration. An equation to predict the plasma concentration of hydromorphone on oral administration was(More)
The introduction of colloidally stable liposomes with low drug leakage rates resulted in a renaissance in liposome applications in cancer therapy. Furthermore, a platform of sterically stabilized liposomes also allows the construction of new generations of drug delivery vehicles. These include targeted liposomes and targeted nucleic acid delivery vehicles,(More)
Plasma levels of penbutolol (HOE 893d) were determined in eight healthy adult male subjects after oral administration of 50-mg capsules. Fast absorpiton of the drug from the gastrointestinal tract was indicated by the rapid increase in plasma levels during the absorption phase, with a peak time at about 1 hour after dosing in all subjects. After the peak(More)
As can be seen from the tables, the terminal half-life of clobazam is about 50 hours, and from a solid dosage form the peak plasma level occurs approximately 1.5 hours after ingestion. Thus, there is a significant, yet relatively short, dosage form delay effect when the solid dosage forms are compared to the rapidly available solution of the drug. However,(More)
Digoxin has been associated with a variety of drug interactions. Studies in our laboratory indicate that single doses of prazosin may alter plasma steady-state digoxin levels. Adult mongrel dogs were given digoxin tablets orally (0.008 mg/kg, twice daily) until steady-state levels of digoxin were reached. Dogs were then tested in a cross-over study with(More)
Prototype controlled release formulations of ticlopidine hydrochloride were developed, but when administered to humans, these formulations significantly reduced the bioavailability of intact drug in plasma. In order to examine the intestinal permeability characteristics and gastrointestinal metabolism of 14C-ticlopidine, we employed an in vitro diffusion(More)