J J Uitto

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The availability of cultures of normal cells (NCs) and Schwann cells (SCs) with and without fibroblasts has allowed us to investigate the sources of endoneurial and perineurial constituents of peripheral nerve. NCs cultured alone, devoid of ensheathment but healthy in appearance, lack basal lamina and extracellular fibrils. In contrast, when SCs accompany(More)
Perineurial cell cultures were established from the sciatic nerves of adult Wistar rats. Highly enriched cultures were studied with respect to the production of extracellular matrix components under conditions free from the influence of Schwann cells, axons, or the extracellular matrix of peripheral nerves. Indirect immunofluorescence staining revealed the(More)
Cells dispersed from the chondrocranial portions of fetal rat calvaria proliferated and performed specialized functions during primary culture in a chemically defined medium. Mature cultures were typified by multilayered clusters of redifferentiating cartilage cells. Flattened cells that lacked distinguishing features occupied areas between the clusters.(More)
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