J J Travaglini

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A case of locally extensive perianal Paget's disease is presented. Initial wide local excision, guided by frozen sections, was inadequate. Multiple punch biopsies subsequently revealed extensive circumferential involvement of the anoderm by Paget's disease, making wide local excision difficult. Therefore, the patient was treated with combined(More)
Aluminum tubes, 20 cm long, of various diameter and face angle have been used to collimate electron beams for intraoperative radiotherapy. The tubes placed in a body cavity are clamped to the treatment couch. A thin rod is fixed coaxially to a disc which is placed on the entrance face of the tube. A stepwise procedure involving couch translation, rotation,(More)
A frameless method for stereotactic multiple arc radiotherapy (SMART) is described. Three short gold wires are implanted in the scalp approximately 100 mm apart. These are localized in a computed tomographic or angiographic study along with the target. Subsequently the gold markers are localized on beam films and the target position calculated using a(More)
We present a method to accurately localize the spinal cord in oblique projections on plain radiographs. Utilizing a CT scan done with the patient in the treatment position, a template is generated to localize the spinal cord. The technique involves analyzing successive axial CT slices and locating cord position relative to the beam central axis. The(More)
In postoperative radiotherapy of brain tumors it is usually the case that preoperative imaging studies, either CT or MRI, were performed outside of the purview of the radiation therapy department. Thus the target volume is defined in an imaging study that does not lend itself readily for entry to a 3-D treatment planning system. A method is described that(More)
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