J J Tofield

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In a prospective, random, double-blind, and concurrently controlled clinical study of 124 patients having augmentation mammaplasty, using multiple independent subjective judges as well as objective compressibility measurements, the use of a variety of local antibacterials in or around inflatable retromammary prosthetic implants reduced the early(More)
Staphylococcus epidermidis, a normal cutaneous inhabitant previously shown to be present in 67 percent of nipple secretions, has been cultured from 55 percent of surgical mammary pockets prior to implant insertion and from the interior of 71 percent of fibrous capsules explored at open capsulotomy. Cephalothin and gentamicin placed within the lumen of(More)
Ambulatory patients with large sacral ulcers can represent extremely challenging coverage problems. Technical options become fewer when sacral ulcers are coupled with radiation dermatitis. Latissimus dorsi free flap transfer, with direct anastomoses to sacral vessels, is described in 2 patients.