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Several kinases have been shown to phosphorylate tau protein at Ser-262, an important site involved in the regulation of the binding of tau to microtubules. In this study we compared the phosphorylation of tau at Ser-262 by CaMKII, PhK and PKA in vitro as determined by radioimmunoblots developed by the monoclonal antibody 12E8 which recognizes P-Ser-262 and(More)
We demonstrate here that brain purified tubulin can be dissociated into alpha and beta subunits at pH > 10 and that the subunits can be separated by using the Triton X-114 phase separation system. After phase partition at pH > 10, alpha tubulin but not beta tubulin behaves as a hydrophobic compound appearing in the detergent rich phase. After three(More)
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