J. J. Serrano

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In this work a new architecture called EDETA (Energy-efficient aDaptive hiErarchical and robusT Architecture) optimized to save node’s power is presented. This architecture is scalable and suitable for heterogeneous and homogeneous wireless sensor networks, supports single or multiple sinks, and also provides features increasely-demanded in the(More)
The survey [2] concludes stating that there are opportunities for hybrid and more complete methods, whereby failures detection is tackled on all aspects. Our proposal can access the insights of nodes at a very low cost, while using a non-intrusive passive network to analyze not only the network operation, but also its relation with the environment. The(More)
This work pretends to develop a robot for vigilance tasks that are able to tolerate diverse kinds of attacks and be able to operate in environments with elevated electromagnetic noise, being even immune to sabotage provoked by means of high electromagnetic fields. A new CAN based communications system that interconnects the different devices that compose(More)
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